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Computer Consulting Services

We specialize in small business and home computer maintenance, support and consulting. Our technicians will travel to your home or office, or offer immediate remote support to provide you with perfect, hassle-free service.

Based in Montrose, California, we provide timely, expert service to customers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Please note that in order to keep costs and prices low, we do not have a Storefront, and do not provide hardware repair services.

A computer network is an essential part of any modern business and is indispensable in a home or home-office as well. From printing to file-sharing to video teleconferencing, your network needs to be secure and reliable. Your devices should be able to connect to each other and share files, data and printers efficiently and securely. Setups vary in complexity with every business or home network having different requirements. We are here to help, from the initial setup, to maintenance, repair and upgrades; guiding you and answering your questions as you go.
Computer Installation
Getting your new machine up and running smoothly can be frustrating at times. It is often easier for someone who has done it many times, with various setups and client requirements. Leave the configurations to us and just tell us what you need, or let us help you figure that out too! Not sure about which computer to purchase? While we do not sell computers, we are happy to offer recommendations, and to point you in the right direction.
System Backup
Anyone who has lost a hard drive without having a backup knows the anguish associated with such a disaster. Don’t take chances, and don’t put it off – let us implement a backup strategy that fits your needs and keeps your data safe. Remote storage, external drives or a combination of methods are available that can be totally automated once they are set up. Let us help you protect your data from disaster.
Remote Support

In many situations we can identify and repair issues with your computer or office network remotely.

Remote access depends on your individual setup but when it is available, it can often allow us to help you more quickly than with a physical site visit. Be sure to ask us if this option is of interest to you.

Smart Phone Support
Out support services are not limited to personal computers. We can help you with a wide range of smart phone issues from setup and configuration to troubleshooting issues. Sometimes a person can spend hours wading through documentation, browsing device menus and help documentation for something that a power user could configure in a matter of minutes. Your time is valuable and if you would rather not spend it wading through unfamiliar waters, contact us. We would be more than happy to help you with your smart phone issues.
Website Development
Complete Website Design & Development Services

If you need a new website or an upgrade to your existing site, we are the company to go to in the Los Angeles area. We work with you to build a professional, responsive and full-featured website. Get more information here.

Windows PC / Mac Maintenance and Repair

From Malware and Virus removal and prevention to digital spider swatting, we can help you clean up and optimize your machine to be sure you are getting the performance you expect. We will take a look at your computer and devise a plan of action relative to what we find. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in your operating systems performance. Remember: a machine left for a long period of time without the benefit of regular maintenance can become a sluggish beast that requires more attention. Either way, we have you covered.



Consulting & IT Solutions
You know your business; that’s what makes you successful. But your business depends on Computers, and let’s face it: IT is not everyone’s strongest suit. We spend the time to understand your current and future technological needs. Our goal is to help you grow your business. We hope by providing you with superior computing strategy and IT support and, your business, and therefore your IT needs will grow, further developing our synergistic relationship.
Software and Hardware Training
New apps and equipment are great, IF you and at your staff know how to effectively use them. Learning something new can be challenging, and when you and your staff are stuck figuring it out, a lot of time gets wasted, and your investment can start to feel like a mistake. That’s where we come in. We are proficient with hundreds of software and hardware products (and always learning new ones) and can offer clear, concise and competent training sessions for you and your team. Training is available in person, by remote support or live meeting, by edited video recording (to be kept and viewed at your convenience), or by PDF instruction manual. Call to inquire about our many offerings, and how we can help you get back to work.
Internet security
Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Fraud and Identity Theft are just some of the myriad of threats to people and companies who dare to step out their virtual front door and out into the world wide web. Fortunately we offer a battery of services and products to keep you and your business safe. Whether you require a firewall appliance with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for safe remote access, or just a basic total software solution for your internet security, we can help you protect all of your devices and data.
Data Recovery
Sometimes bad things happen. When it does you may need a professional to help you put the pieces back together, and while Data Recovery services can be very costly, sometimes an intermediate step can save your data at a fraction of the price.

Our data recovery services include salvaging data from functional or semi-functional drives from non-functioning machines or enclosures.

A disaster recovery plan is nice, but not every office has one, especially in a home or small office situation. When things do go wrong, give us a call. We can help.

SEO and Digital Marketing Services
From local SEO to social network marketing, we can help you improve your presence on the web and bring you qualified traffic. We work hard to ensure you are completely happy with your ROI.

You will never be left in the dark as to what actions are being taken to improve your SEO or your marketing campaigns – we provide regular, detailed reporting that proves our work and ensures you are left feeling confident about your investment.

More information is available here, and we offer free quotes to get the conversation rolling!

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